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These are just some of the great websites, activities, songs, poems, fingerplays and resources that I have used in the classroom and found to be very helpful.  I hope you find something you can use.  Happy Surfing!!
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  The Educators Network   Sites For Teachers   KinderKorner
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 edupuppy   Learning Page   Dr. Jean Feldman
Kidbibs   Preschool Express   Author Jan Brett
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Technology Links

Listed below are some great resources I use to develop my lesson plans in addition to using our core curriculum which is Scholastic Early Childhood Program.  They have come in very handy!
123 Totline Series by: Jean Warren
Block Play by: Sharon MacDonald
Irresistible A,B.Cs by: Joan Novelli
Irresistible 1,2,3s by: Joan Novelli
The Power of Retelling by: Vicki Benson and Carrice Cummins
Pocket Charts for Math by: Valerie SchifferDanoff
Pocket Charts for Emergent Readers by: Valerie SchifferDanoff
Learning Centers by: Liz and Dick Wilmes
Graphing Across the Curriculum by: Valerie Williams and Tina Cohen
Center Activities for Early Childhood by: Kathy M. Douglas
I Can Read! I Can Write!-Creating a Print-Rich Environment by: Terri Beeler
Mathematics Their Way by:  Mary Baratta-Lorton
Hands-On Math by: Virginia Johnson
Teaching With Favorite Clifford Books by: Kathleen M. Hollenbeck
Teaching With Favorite Eric Carle Books by: Joan Novelli
The Complete Guide To Classroom Centers by: Linda Holliman
Building Literacy With Interactive Charts by: Kristin G. Schlosser and Vicki L. Phillips

Themes- (Under Construction)                       


Thematic Links

Friendship  I Love Colors The Kissing Hand Shape Buddies
Color Theme Bus Safety Activities Back to School First Day of School Checklist



Literature Connection

This is an adaptation of 

Teacher sings: Where is ________?

Students join in: Where is _________?

Individual student responds: Here I am.

Classmates respond: Here/there/he/she is.

Teacher and students respond: How are you today,________?

Individual student responds: Very well, I thank you.

Students and teacher sing: That is good: that is good.

Author Unknown

Good Morning

Good morning, good morning

We're glad to say good morning.

Good morning, good morning

Upon this day.

Author Unknown

Will You Be a Friend Of Mine?

(sung to tune : "Merrily We Roll Along")

Will you be a friend of mine, friend of mine, friend of mine,

Will you be a friend of mine,  and play a game with me?

Yes, I"ll be a friend of yours, friend of yours, friend of yours,

Yes, I"ll be a friend of yours and play a game with you!

Author Unknown


I wiggle my fingers

I wiggle my toes

I wiggle my shoulders

I wiggle my nose

Now no more wiggles are left in me

So I will be still as still as can be.


The More We Are Together

(Tune of Lassie)

The more we are together, together, together

The more we are together, the happier we'll be

 For your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends

The more we are together the happier we'll be.

We're all in school together, together, together

We're all in school together and happy we will be

There's Annie, and Brian and Bobby and Cindy

There's ___and ___ and___and___

We're all in school together and happy are we!!

Author Unknown

Where do we go to color and sing,

To paint, to play, to go outside and swing,

(swing arms)

To listen to stories and have so much fun?

(spread arms wide)

Why it's here at preschool.  Come! It's begun!

(motion to come)

Author Unknown

Sung to tune of "Frere Jacques"

Hello boys, hello girls

How are you?  How are you?

Hope you are just fine, hope you are just fine.

Happy too-Happy too.

Author Unknown

Jack in the Box

Jack in the box. (Show thumb.)

Sits so still. (Hide thumb in a fist.)

Won't you come out? (Ask fist.)

YES, I WILL! (Show thumb.)


Literature Selections

schlcl1p.gif Murphy and Myrtle:  The First Day of School by: Atwater, Martha. schlcl1o.gif Chrysanthemum by: Henkes,Kevin.
schlcl1p.gif The Kissing Hand by: Penn, Audrey schlcl1o.gif Mouse's First Day of School by: Erdogan, Buket.
schlcl1p.gif Clifford's First School Day: Bridwell, Norman. schlcl1o.gif Pooh's First Day of School by: Zoehfeld, Kathleen W.
schlcl1p.gif I Love You All day Long by: Rusackas, Francesca. schlcl1o.gif My First Day at Nursery School by: Edwards, Becky.
schlcl1p.gif I Promise I'll Find You  by: Ward, Heather P. schlcl1o.gif Will I Have a Friend? by: Cohen, Miriam.
schlcl1p.gif Little Bear Goes to Kindergarten by: Langreuter, Jutta and Vera Sobat. schlcl1o.gif Boomer Goes to School by: McGeorge, Constance W.
schlcl1p.gif Day-Care Teddy Bear by: Kelly, True schlcl1o.gif Show and Tell Day by: Rockwell, Anne
schlcl1p.gif My Friend by: Fulton, Mary. schlcl1o.gif Blue Bugs Safety Book by: Poulet, Virginia.
schlcl1p.gif Gus the Bus by: Cossi, Olga. schlcl1o.gif My Nursery School by: Rockwell, Harlow.
schlcl1p.gif Do You Want to Be My Friend? by: Carle, Eric. schlcl1o.gif Timothy Goes to School by: Wells, Rosemary.

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Thematic Links

All About Me 


Me, My Family and Friends  Family Activities 
School Fun Apples What in a Name? Apple Pickin' Time


Literature Connection


Way up high in the apple tree

(hands above head)

Two little apples smiled at me.

(from apples with each hand still raised)

I shook the tree as hard as I could,

(shaking motion)

Down came the apples .

(drop hands)

Ummmmmmmmmm.  Were they good!

(rub stomach)


I rake and rake the leaves into a great big heap.

(pretend to rake)

Then into the leaves I take a great big leap.

(jump and squat)

I cover myself with the leaves and hide from you.

Then I jump up and say, PEEK-A-BOO!


Author Unknown

Taking a walk is so much fun.

We don't hurry; we don't run.

(move finger sideways)

We watch for birds; we watch for bees.

(point to eye)

We look for all the falling leaves.

(flutter fingers)

Mary Ellis

Crunchy Leaves

We make such a crunchy sound

In the leaves upon the ground.

Crunchy, crunchy, hear the noise

Made in leaves by girls and boys.

Author Unknown

Literature Selections

flcl1d.gif Timothy Goes to School by: Wells, Rosemary flcl1c.gif Here are My Hands  by: Martin, Bill.
flcl1d.gif Sadie by: Kline, Carol. flcl1c.gif With Love From Grandma by: Ziefert, Harriet.
flcl1d.gif The Wheels on the Bus by: Zelinsky, Paul. flcl1c.gif What is a Color by: Provensen, Alice and Martin.
flcl1d.gif Lets Be Friends by: Bryant, Bernice. flcl1c.gif All About Us by: Evans, Eva.
flcl1d.gifAsk Mr. Bear by: Flack, Marjorie. flcl1c.gif Dandelion by: Freeman, Don.
flcl1d.gif What's Your Name?  by: Gay, Zhenya. flcl1c.gif Goggles by: Keats, Ezra Jack.
flcl1d.gif A Very Special House by: Krauss, Ruth. flcl1c.gif I Know a Lot of Things by: Rand, Ann.
flcl1d.gif Right Thumb, Left Thumb by: Molarsky, Osmond. flcl1c.gif Nicky Goes to the Doctor by: Scarry, Richard.
flcl1d.gif On Mother's Lap by: Scott, Ann Herbert. flcl1c.gif It's Nice to Have a  Special Friend by: Woodard, Carol.
flcl1d.gif Benjy's Blanket by: Brown, Myra B. flcl1c.gif Grandfather and I by: Buckley, Helen.
flcl1d.gif Wait for William by: Flack, Marjorie. flcl1c.gif Steffie and Me by: Hoffman, Phyllis.
flcl1d.gif He's My Brother by: Lasker, Joe. flcl1c.gif Ten in a Family by: Steiner, Charlotte.
flcl1d.gif The Daddy Book by: Stewart, Robert. flcl1c.gif I'm in a Family by: Stover, JoAnn.
flcl1d.gif The Backward Day by: Krauss, Ruth. flcl1c.gif Are You My Mother? by: Eastman, P.D.
flcl1d.gif Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by: Perkins, Al. flcl1c.gif Little House of Your Own by: DeRegniers, Bernice S.
flcl1d.gif Me and My Family Tree by: Sweeney, Joan. flcl1c.gif The Baby Sister by: dePaola, Tomie.
flcl1d.gif Geraldine's Baby Brother by: Keller, Holly. flcl1c.gif When I Am Big by: Smith, Robert.



Thematic Links

Fire Prevention Safety

Fall and Halloween

Literature Connection

See my pumpkin round and fat. (make circle with fingers)

See my pumpkin yellow. 

Watch him grin on Halloween (point to smiling mouth)

He's a very funny fellow.

Author Unknown

If I were a witch, I'd ride on a broom, (pretend to ride broom)

And scatter the ghosts with a zoom, zoom, zoom! (motions with arms)

Author Unknown

Literature Selections


Thematic Links

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Activities Native Americans
Thanksgiving Crafts Forest Animals Woodland Wildlife
Scholastic -The First Thanksgiving 101kidz-Thanksgiving An American Thanksgiving



Thematic Links

Christmas Merry Christmas Hanukkah Holiday Station-Christmas
Kwanzaa Christmas Stories Songs and Poems Gingerbread Man Christmas Crafts


candy_cane.gif - (2K)

candy_cane.gif - (2K)

Literature Connection

Here is the Chimney

Here is the chimney

(make fist and tuck in thumb)

Here is the top

(cover with other hand)

Open it up quick

(lift hand up)

And out Santa will pop!

Author Unknown

Song (sung to tune of "London Bridge")

Guess whose beard is long and white, long and white, long and white

Guess whose beard is long and white 

Dear Old Santa.

Guess who comes on Christmas Day, Christmas Day, Christmas Day,

Guess who comes on Christmas Day

Dear Old Santa.

(continue with-Guess whose boots are shiny and black

and Guess who's got a twinkle in his eye.)

Author Unknown


Five little bells hanging in the hall.

(raise fingers)

The first one said, "Ring me slow."

The second one said, "Ring me fast."

The third one said, "Ring me last."

The fourth one said, "Ring me like a chime."

The fifth one said, "Ring me at Christmas time."

Mary Jackson Ellis

There's a special present on the shelf.

I made it with care and wrapped it myself.

(pretend to make and wrap package)

I'll take it home and put it under the tree.

(form triangle with fingers)

On Christmas Mom will open it and see

(look surprised)

That it contains a lot of love from me.

(point to self)

Author Unknown

Literature Selections

candy_cane.gif - (2K)

Potato Pancakes All Around by: Hirsch, Marilyn. Babar and Father Christmas by: De Brunhoff, Jean.
Nine Days to Christmas by: Ets, Marie Hall. The Animal's Merry Christmas by: Jackson, Kathryn.
The Twelve Days of Christmas by: Karasz, Ilonka. The Little Drummer Boy by: Keats, Ezra Jack.
The Shepherd by: Aichinger, Helga. I Like Winter by: Lenski, Lois.
Corduroy by: Freeman Don. Alexander And The Wind-Up Mouse by: Lionni, Leo. 
Let's Play by: Ichikawa, Satomi. Jingle Bear by: Cosgrove, Stephen.
Polar Express by:  Van Allsburg, Chris. Gingerbread Boy by: Galdone, Paul.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by: Hazen, Barbara. The Little Fir Tree by: Wise Brown, Margaret.
Thank You Santa by: Wild, Margaret. The Wild Reindeer Christmas by: Brett, Jan.
Imani's Gift at Kwanza by: Burden-Patman, Denise. The Night After Christmas by: Stevenson, James.


Thematic Links

Winter Theme Hibernation Penguins Winter Fun
Timeline of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Polar Regions Snowman Penguins and Antartica


Literature Connection

Literature Selections

The Quilt Story by: dePaola, Tomie. The Mitten by: Brett, Jan.
Sadie and the Snowman by: Morgan, Allen. A New Coat for Anna by: Ziefert, Harriet.
The Patchwork Quilt by: Flournoy, Valerie. All Ready for Winter by: Adelson, Leon.
Big Tracks, Little Tracks by: Branley, Franklin. Josie and the Snow by: Buckley, Helen.
Bear Weather by: Chaffin, Lillie. Where Does Everyone Go? by: Fisher, Aileen.
Bob the Snowman by: Loretan, Sylvia. Tacky the Penguin by: Lester, Helen.
A Winter Day by: Flourian, Douglas. Pocketful of Seasons by: Foster, Doris.
Ski Pup by: Freeman, Don. Buzzy Bear's Winter Party by: Marino, Dorothy.
A Time for Sleep by: Selsam, Millicent. The Winter Picnic by: Welber, Robert.
The Penguins Tale by: Wood, Audrey. Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr. by: Marzollo, Jean.
A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. by: Adler, David A. The Wonders of the Seasons by: Parker, Bertha.


Thematic Links

Valentines Day  Community Workers  Dental  Health Activities Presidents' Day
Presidents Day Crafts and Activities More about Community Workers Friendship Groundhog Day


Literature Connection

Literature Selections


Thematic Links

Spring Theme St. Patrick's Day Spring  More St. Patrick's Day Activities
Caterpillars and Butterflies Insects Insect Lessons Plans Spiders and Insects


Copyright  Camille Hagemann

Blow Painting-Place a spoonful of paint on paper and using a straw, (cut in half) the children can blow on the paint for a splatter type picture. Cookie Cutters-use animal or flower shaped cookie cutters and play dough to make a spring picture.
Bunnies and Lambs-Paste cotton balls onto paper and the children can add features to make a bunny or a lamb. Spring Book-the children may cut out and paste spring pictures on paper to be assembled into a book about Spring for a bulletin board display.
Spring Bingo:  Reproduce a bingo grid and write one Spring word per square with picture (for the little ones).  Play using same rules as regular bingo. Use lima beans as markers.  Words might include:  Irish, Shamrock, Gold, Green, Pot, March, Spring, Grass, Flower, Bee, Butterfly, Rainbow, Wind, Lamb, and Lion.  Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun:  Play the same as Pin the Tail On The Donkey.  

Candy Estimation Game:  Fill a small container with chocolate gold foiled wrapped candy.  Have each student guess how many are in the jar and the winner is the one who comes the closest.

Copyright  Camille Hagemann

Literature Connection


1.March winds and April showers,                          

(flutter hands sideways and then downward)

Popping up are pretty flowers.

(raise hands above head)

A kite flying in the sun.

(form diamond with hands)

Aren't you glad the spring's begun?

(point to a friend)

Author Unknown

2.  The cold has passed.  (shiver)

It's warm at last.  (make circle above head)

Let's show a big smile.  (smile)

It's spring for awhile.

Author Unknown

3. Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I.  (shake head sideways)

But when the trees bow down their leaves,  (bow)

The wind is passing by.  (move arms)

Christina Rossetti

4.The Wind Came Out to Play

The wind came out to play one day

It swept the clouds out of the way (sweeping motion with arms)

It blew the leaves and away they flew (wiggle fingers away)

The trees bent low and their branches did too (arms raised, then lowered)

The wind blew the great big ships at sea (sweeping motion)

The wind blew my kite away from me. (hide hands)

Author Unknown

5.This little wind blows silver rain, (point to thumb)

This little wind drifts snow, (point to first finger)

This little wind sings a whistled tune, (point to second finger)

This little wind croons low, (Point to third finger)

And this little wind rocks baby birds (point to little finger)

Tenderly to and fro. (rock hands)

Marguerite Gode

Copyright  Camille Hagemann

Literature Selections

Little Blue And Little Yellow by: Lionne, Leo. Gilberto and the Wind by: Ets, Marie Hall.
The Ugly Duckling by:  The Wind Blew by: Hutchins, Pat.
The Chocolate Rabbit by: Claret, Maria. Big Fat Hen by: Baker, Keith.
Feathers for Lunch by: Ehlert, Lois Harry's Mad by: Smith, Dick
Make Way for Ducklings by: McCloskey, Robert My Spring Robin by: Rockwell, Anne
The Story About Ping by: Flack, Marjorie Q is for Duck by: Etling, Mary and Michael Folsom.
Spring Is by: Domanska, Janina First Comes Spring by: Rockwell, Anne
St. Patrick's Day in the Morning by: Bunting, Eve. Leprechauns Never Lie by: Balian, Lorna

Leprechaun_hat.gif - (3K)


Thematic Links

Ladybugs Easter

Caring for the Earth

Earth Day

Frogs On the Farm

Flowers and Plants

Easter and Spring




Literature Connection


1.  Here is a bunny with ears so funny. 

(hold up index and middle finger)

And here is his hole in the ground.

(make hole with other hand)

When a noise he hears, he picks up his ears

(extend two fingers)

And hops in his hole in the ground.

(jumps fingers into hole)


2. My rabbit has two big ears

(hold up index and middle fingers)

And a funny little nose.

(join other tow fingers and thumb)

He likes to nibble carrots,

(open and close fingers and thumb)

And he hops wherever he goes.

(make hand hop)

Margaret Stant

3.Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep

(ten fingers)

And can't tell  where to find them.

(hide hands behind back)

Leave them alone, and they will come home

(show hands)

Wagging their tails behind them.

(wiggle, fingers behind back)


4.New clothes and hats of pink and blue,

(point to clothes and head)

Baby animals at the zoo,

Flowers bloom and robins coo,

(raise hands above head, form wings with arms)

Easter welcomes spring anew!

Author Unknown


Literature Selections

Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present by: Zolotow, Charlotte. The Tale of Peter Rabbit by: Potter, Beatrix
In My Garden by: Oechsli, Helen and Kelly. It's Spring, Peterkin by: Boon, Emilie.
Have You Seen My Duckling? by: Tafuri, Nancy. The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by: Heyward, Du Bose.

Rachenka's Eggs by: Polacco, Patricia. The Talking Eggs by: San Souci, Robert D.
Spring Green by: Selkowe, Valerie. Good Morning Mr. Chick by: Ginsburg, Mirra.
Big Red Barn by: Wise Brown, Margaret. Home for a Bunny by: Wise Brown, Margaret.
The Chick and the Duckling by: Dewey, Ariane. Planting A Rainbow by: Ehlert, Lois.
The Piggy in the Puddle by: Pomerantz, Charlotte. Animals Animals by: Carle, Eric.


Thematic Links

Cinco de Mayo


Mothers Day Extras

Celebrating Mother's Day



Ocean Life



Literature Connection


A Beautiful Poem for Mother's Day!

Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small

and always leave my fingerprints on furniture and walls.

But, everyday I'm growing-I'll be grown up someday

and all those tiny handprints will surely fade away.

So here's a final handprint just so you can recall,

exactly how my fingers looked when I was very small.

Author Unknown

bunnies_clip02.gif (5750 bytes)

Literature Selections

snfwcl1e.gif The Butterfly Alphabet by: Sandved, Kjell B. snfwcl1e.gif Butterfly Story by: Hariton, Anca.
snfwcl1e.gif The Cookie-Store Cat by: Rylant, Cynthia. snfwcl1e.gif Where Does the Butterfly Go When It Rains? by: 
snfwcl1e.gif Inch by Inch by: Leo Lionni snfwcl1e.gif I'm a Seed by: Marzollo, Jean

 Our Classroom Bulletin Boards

halloween bb.jpg (46881 bytes)October-Craft activities that were made by the students were tissue paper pumpkins, paper scarecrows, paper plate spiders, paper bag owls, and paper plate collage pumpkins.  thanksg. bb.jpg (35649 bytes)November-Craft activities included: cornucopia collages, paper plate turkeys, and traced handprints on different colored construction paper that formed turkey feathers.
xmas bb..jpg (40309 bytes)December-Craft activities included: construction paper santas and stockings, gingerbread homes that were decorated with the help of their parents and handprints that were recycled from November to form the Christmas tree. snowman bb..jpg (37250 bytes)January-Craft activities included:  mitten collages, coconut snowmen and cotton ball snowmen.
valbb..jpg (30301 bytes)February-Craft activities included: heart shaped animals (lion faces, butterflies and fish). farm animal mural.jpg.jpg (30807 bytes)March-Craft activities included: mini farm animal murals decorated with pictures of farm animals and filled in with crayons, watercolors, cotton balls for chicks and sheep and popsicle sticks used for the fences.
verdi mural.jpg (53523 bytes)April-Craft activity included our Book of the Month-Verdi by: Janell Cannon.  Students drew their favorite part of the story and then dictated to us what they drew and then made their own Verdi using paper plates, yellow tempra and  pasta and paper shapes for her scales. spring mural.jpg.jpg (40312 bytes)May-Craft activities included: construction paper caterpillars and ladybugs, tissue paper bees and paper plate butterflies.

Our Classroom Displays

seasonal tree.jpg.jpg (54062 bytes)In our classroom, we have a seasonal tree that is decorated with their artwork using paper plates and collage materials.  It is a beautiful year round display.  Seasonal crafts include: apples-Sept., pumpkins-Oct., turkeys-Nov., Christmas trees-Dec., snowflakes-Jan., hearts-Feb., shamrocks-March, Easter eggs-April, and caterpillars- May.

apple with words.jpg.jpg (24525 bytes)In the writing center, I have a seasonal or a thematic cutout that is posted on the chalkboard. I either glue the pictures onto the cutout or I use index cards with velcro backing so that it is interchangeable on a weekly basis.   

mitten book.jpg.jpg (30807 bytes)Throughout the year, the students respond to stories by drawing their favorite part of the story and then dictating to us what they drew.  I draw a  thematic picture using butcher paper and then I display their responses on it. lets estimate.jpg (49043 bytes)About twice a week, I have the students practice their estimating skills.  I place items in a clear ziploc baggie and I take their estimations on post its and place them on the poster board.  At the end of the day, we count our objects and the winner receives a reward.

birthday graph and work.jpg 2.jpg (51021 bytes)The bulletin board on the left is a birthday graph.  The students draw a picture of themselves and then they place their picture next to the appropriate month.  The other display is our "Do Our Best"  bulletin board.  The students place a sticker on a thematic cutout each day they complete their work.  At the end of the year, we glue their 9 cutouts onto a ribbon and decorate the top with raffia.  It makes a nice display showing their monthly achievements.   

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Teacher's add so much to a child's life.  Let's keep up the good work!!


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