Past Student Work


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After having read Chrysanthemum, the students filled in flower outlines with tissue paper squares and then placed their school photo in the middle of the flower.  This great idea can be found in Lasting Lessons Glad To Be Me Unit.
The students made self portraits in the form of a paper doll using clothing outlines, crayons, yarn  and construction paper pieces.  I placed these along the wall throughout the year and it was a beautiful display.!!

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While studying our unit on shapes, the students took turns filling in a house outline using rectangles  and squares.
In celebration of Thanksgiving, we made Indian and Pilgrim costumes and ate deli turkey, fruit and bread.  It really brought the historical journey to life!!

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After having read the Gingerbread Boy, the students along with the help of their parents decorated gingerbread boys using cereal, candy, cotton balls, glitter and other materials.  They turned in some beautiful creations!!
 As we studied our shapes, the students had to go home and look for an item that had that shape. We glued them onto poster board and then  kept them on display for the year.

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magicnoodleflowers.jpg (57364 bytes)

The students had fun making beautiful creations using magic noodles that only needed to be dipped in water to glue onto paper.  I found these at my local Hobby Lobby store.
As a great fine motor skill activity, the students used everything from popcorn kernals, beans, pumpkin seeds, etc. to fill in different projects as in this one in forming their name.

Seddy Names.jpg (60210 bytes)

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They had a great time making their Easter Bunnies out of paper cups and other collage materials!!
The students illustrated one of their favorite stories and we put it together to form a reading quilt!!

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cubby red r. 2002.jpg (39221 bytes)Our mascot the Cubby Bear, visited the classrooms to share a message about drug awareness and gave the students their stickers and ribbons.

hugs not drugs 2002.jpg (47802 bytes)Our students brought their favorite stuffed animal to school to share on Hugs Not Drugs Day!

me chains.jpg (41458 bytes) All About Me Mobile!!

write boards.jpg (35666 bytes)The students enjoyed practicing their writing skills using the write and wipe boards.

hop to it.jpg (42752 bytes)At the end of each grading period, the students who have improved the most are rewarded by our counselor with a certificate and ribbon.  This is done at the HOP ceremony.

tissue pump..jpg (35197 bytes)Tissue paper pumpkins.

me dolls.jpg (28096 bytes)At the beginning of the school year,  the students made a self portrait in the form of a paper doll. I placed these along the wall to create a beautiful display all year long.

halloween bb.jpg (46881 bytes)Our Halloween Bulletin Board!!

firemanposter.jpg (57557 bytes)To honor our firefighters, our students made  hats out of red construction paper and a poster with a special message written on it!!

feather headbands.jpg (42575 bytes)Great Indian Headbands!

computer lab.jpg (34053 bytes)Hard at work in the computer lab!!

paper plate pilgrim.jpg (40477 bytes)Paper plate Pilgrims.

seeed turkey.jpg (44929 bytes)The students colored their turkeys and then used colored popcorn kernals to fill in the body and the feathers.

popcorn stalks.jpg (38169 bytes)We popped popcorn to fill in our corn stalks.
xmas wreath tissue.jpg (38001 bytes)The students made Christmas Wreaths using a paper plate and green tissue paper pieces to fill in.  I glued their school photo in the center along with a red raffia bow at the top and this was their  Christmas Tree ornament!! 

gingerbread houses.jpg (46022 bytes)These were just some of the beautiful gingerbread homes that were made with the help of their parents using various items such as: candy, cotton balls, glitter, pasta and cereal!!

xmas bb..jpg (40309 bytes)Our Christmas Bulletin Board!! valentine boxes.jpg1.jpg (48659 bytes)As part of the home-school connection, they decorated a shoe box with a Valentine theme.  They along with their parents did a beautiful job!!
posicle sticks.jpg.jpg (53190 bytes)To practice  their patterning skills, they used colored popsicle sticks and they really enjoyed it. fish mural.jpg (41000 bytes)Our Under The Sea Mural consisted of paper bag fish, seahorse collages, starfish filled in with cheerios and paper bag crabs.
verdi.jpg (53108 bytes)The students responded to Verdi by: Jannell Cannon with drawings of their favorite part of the story and then made their own Verdi using paint and paper plates cut into an S shape. cotton ball chicks.jpg (66232 bytes)What Easter fun!!Cotton Ball Baby Chicks.
math collage.jpg.jpg (41880 bytes)They worked hard making their math collages using different items such as: cotton balls, popsicle sticks, pasta, pom poms, clothespins, stickers, foam figures, pinto and lima beans and straws. rif.jpg.jpg (36494 bytes)Our last RIF distribution!!  We had a great year!!!




Our Me Board!!  They along with the help of their parents decorated an outline of a boy or girl and came up with beautiful creations!!! While studying the "ME" Unit, the children brought in beautiful photos of their families.  It was a great connection to the unit!!
Spooky paper plate spiders!!

We had a great time developing our math skills.

We had a lot of fun celebrating Thanksgiving by making our costumes, creating popcorn turkeys and developing a story web using the story- The First Thanksgiving. xmasexhange.jpg.jpg (39876 bytes)Our students wrote letters to secret Santa.  The letters were sent to one of our local radio stations and then they were picked by up the community.  We have been involved with this project for quite awhile and the students and teachers have really appreciated it!!  The students opened  their gifts on the last day before  the holiday break!!
xmasbb.jpg.jpg (49100 bytes)The students responded to the story -The Christmas Tree by: Alma Florada by making some of the tree ornaments that were mentioned in the story using various collage materials. wreath.jpg.jpg (51424 bytes)We made paper plate holly wreaths and used construction paper pieces to decorate.  The students placed their school photo in the center and added a piece of yarn at the top so it could be hung.
reindeer puppet.jpg.jpg (40951 bytes)After having read Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer the students made a reindeer puppet and traced their hands and used them as his antlers.  dental health.jpg (41507 bytes)As part of our dental health unit, the students made healthy teeth mobiles and tooth collages!!toothcollage.jpg.jpg (35437 bytes)v
heart collages.jpg (51732 bytes)Happy Valentine's Day!!  We celebrated by making paper bag holders, construction paper heart collages, and hand print hearts with special messages written on the dolies.

valen bb..jpg (42841 bytes)valenentine bb..jpg (31303 bytes)



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 Ex POW Joseph Hudson came to Aoy to speak to the students about the importance of staying in school!!  We were all so excited and showed our support through a patriotic assembly.  It was an unforgettable day as we welcomed him and shared our support for our troops!!

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We celebrated Aoy Founders Day!!!!  We celebrated with several exciting activities such as: a balloon launch in which notes were attached with messages in hopes that someone would respond.  Then we proceeded to the cafeteria where our Bowie High School Color Guard began our celebration followed by a flaminco dance group, mariachis, Mr. Tinajero who was our guest speaker and then ended with a parade around our playground.  It was a Mr. Tinajero.jpg (35777 bytes) wonderful day!!!!!!! snfwcl1e.gif 

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During the month of April, we celebrated Career Week!!!  Some of our guests included, MC Gruff, Rudy the robot from Border Patrol and the Fire Department.  Our students learned all about car safety, being careful around strangers and fire safety tips. snfwcl1e.gif 

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Our end of the year field trip to Indian Cliffs ranch was a lot of fun!!!!  We took a hay ride, went through a maze, toured the grounds and ate hot dogs, popcorn and drank lemonade for a great lunch!! snfwcl1e.gif