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Hello and welcome to our classroom.  My name is Mrs. Davenport and I haven been teaching Early Childhood for twenty plus years!!   As a teacher, I hope to build a foundation for life-long learning and to help my students become independent learners.  I believe in providing them with an environment that will enable him/her to explore, to develop problem solving skills, to interact with his/her peers as well as to become a caring adult and to learn by doing.  I am looking forward to an exciting and prosperous school year and with your help it will be a success.  Thank You!

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  Instructional Calendar 

School Supplies 

2 boxes of 8 large "Crayola" crayons
2 boxes of "Crayola " markers
2 bottles of "Elmers" glue
1 pencil eraser
1 box of facial tissue (Kleenex)
1 box of quart size freezer bags
1 package of paper lunch bags
1 medium size backpack

Discipline Plan

In order to maintain a classroom that allows all children to learn, I have developed a classroom discipline plan.  Please discuss the following rules, consequences, and rewards with your child. 


1.  Students will listen to and follow directions.

2.  Students will share materials.

3.  Students will take turns.

4.  Students will raise their hand when he/she wants to speak.

CONSEQUENCES:  If a student chooses not to follow these rules:

1st consequence-He /she will receive a verbal warning.

2nd consequence-Their clothespin will be moved from the green face (happy) to the yellow face(serious)-5 minutes in time out.

3rd consequence-Their clothespin will be moved from the yellow face (serious) to the red face (sad-10 minutes in time out).

4th consequence-A note will be sent home to the parents.

5th consequence-A parent conference will be held.

Severe misbehavior such as repeated minor violations of classroom/school rules and Level 1 offenses or Level 2 offenses will result in the student being immediately sent to the assistant principal.

Students who behave appropriately will be positively rewarded with:  verbal praise, happy notes, stickers, cubby cash and treats from the goodie bag.

It is in your child's best interest that we work together in relationship to his/her schooling.  I have discussed this plan with all the students in my class, but I would appreciate it if you would review the rules, consequences, and rewards with your child.  Thank you for your support.


8:10-8:35-Opening Activities-calendar math, shapes ,colors, numbers, seasons, alphabet and overview of days activities.


8:50-9:50-Group Time-4 groups (teacher directed, aide directed, and 2 independent groups).

9:50-10:10-Language/Literacy-poems, rhymes, songs, stories and journals.

10:10-10:30-Physical Education

10:30-11:00-Learning Centers-kitchen, blocks, math, writing, spelling, reading, art, manipulative, dramatic play and  discovery.

11:00-11:10-Closing and dismissal.


11:45-12:10-Opening Activities-calendar math, shapes, colors, numbers, seasons, alphabet and overview of days activities.


12:30-1:30-Group Time-4 groups (teacher directed, aide directed, and 2 independent groups).

1:30-1:50-Language/Literacy-poems, rhymes, songs, stories and journals.

1:50-2:10-Physical Education

2:10-2:35-Learning Centers-kitchen, blocks, math, writing, spelling, reading, art, manipulative, discovery and dramatic play.

2:35-2:45-Closing and dismissal.

Volunteers in the Public Schools 

We have some great volunteers that come in and help the teachers in the classroom with different tasks and also help to decorate the foyer and office area.  They are a great asset to our school and we truly enjoy having them visit our school.  In addition, they sell goodies like popcorn and candy to help raise money for PTA.

Listed below are some links to websites that you might want to visit. I hope they are helpful!

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Reading tips, information and advice for Spanish speaking parents. Thank you Dear Parents, for visiting!!

Lets take a peek at our school day!


Opening Activities-Calendar, Colors, Weather, Shapes, Numbers, Seasons, Alphabet and Overview of Day's Activities.  We are ready to start a brand new day!

Music and Movement-Oh  what fun!!

Group Time-There is alot of work to be done!


Language and Literacy-We sure love to read!!!

Physical Education-WE need to exercise everyday!

Here are just a few examples of our GREAT Learning Centers!!!

Kitchen-We are such good friends.  

Spelling-We are learning to spell words.

I am working on my math skills using the Math Safari!  I enjoy using the Math Safari.

Blocks-We are building a farm for our animals!

Art-I want to paint my house!


Computer-I am teaching her how to use the mouse!

Sand and Rice Table-I am mixing and stirring!

Listening Station-We are listening to some of our favorite stories!

Closing and dismissal-We are ready to go home and share with our parents all that we learned in school today!!

    Book Corner 

Here are some great selections that you might want to check out from our library!
Eating the Alphabet by: Ehlert, Lois On The Way to the Beach by: Cole, H.
Big Tracks, Little Tracks by: Branley, Franklin. Waiting for Wings by: Ehlert, Lois
Seasons  by: Burningham, John

Curious George Rides a Bike by: Rey, H.A.

The Little Engine that Could by: Piper, Watty Bill and Pete by: DePaola, Tomi
A Baby sister For Frances by: Hoban, Russell Me Too! by: Mayer, Mercer
A Tree Is Nice by: Udry, Janice Gilberto and the Wind by: Ets, Marie Hall
La Familia de Clifford by: Bridwell, Norman Mi Casa by: Avalos, Cecilia
The Trip by: Keats, Ezra Jack My Very First book of Food by: Carle, Eric
Chocolate Chip Cookies by: Wagner, Karen Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day by: Milne, A.A.

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