Home-School Connection






Reinforcement Activities


1.Show your child the seeds inside a piece of fruit.  Explain that seeds will grow into plants when put in dirt and given light and water.
2.Soak a bean overnight in water to plant tomorrow.  Tell your child that a bean is a seed.  Discuss what you will do tomorrow to plant the bean.  Use first, second, third etc.
3.Ask your child what you will need to plant the bean and have him/her help collect the things.  Place dirt in a container such as a plastic cup.  Cover the bean with 1/2 inch of dirt.  Water and place near light.
4.Discuss the needs of the plant.  Encourage your child to take responsibility for checking the plant daily.  Feel the soil.  If it is dry, add water.
5.Cut open a fruit such as an orange.  Identify the seeds and peel.  Which part is the inside/outside? Is the fruit juicy? What are some other juicy fruits?
6.Have your child name as many fruits as he/she can.  Also name some vegetables.
7.Check on the bean plant.  Label the stem and leaves for your child.  Explain that roots are under the dirt and hold the plant in the soil.  Pull a weed outside and show your child the roots.
8.Look at the bean plant.  Is it growing towards the light? Ask your child why he/she thinks it might grow this way.
9.Ask your child to name all the uses of water(to put out fires, to drink, to wash with, to swim in etc.)
10.Have your child look out the window and try to describe the type of weather.
11.Collect some rocks outside.  Have your child describe each one by color, shape and feel(smooth or rough).
12.Have your child tell you what type of clothing he/she would wear when it is snowing, raining, or hot?
13.Ask your child to name things that are hot/cold.  Write them down and read them back to your child.
14.Name a body part and have your child name clothing that would be worn there:head-hat, hands-gloves, etc.
15.Name objects and have your child tell whether she/he would find them inside or outside.
16.Have your child think of all the activities he/she could do outside.